Harvesting The Hummingbird
Providence in Ecuador Book 1

Abby never thought she'd have the strength, or the nerve, to get out. An abusive husband, a suffocating marriage, and a decade-long fight with PTSD conspired to trap her in that life. Now living in Ecuador amid the Andes Mountain Range, she enjoys a new life and a new relationship with an old friend. Her former troubles seem a world away. But that all changes when her new love confronts her ex back in North Carolina. If he becomes the next victim of the man she left behind, will it lead the violence of her past to her doorstep?
Peril in The Bayou
Providence in Ecuador Book 2

New Orleans' little darling, Lily Grace has disappeared. Abby and Trent join forces with their New Orleans friends to search for Lily Grace. Imagine the surprise when Abby’s fugitive ex-husband turns up in the middle of the case. In New Orleans, nothing is as it seems. Kidnapping, murder, corruption, and voodoo simmering like a big pot of jambalaya lead to unexpected surprises beyond every door and around every corner. Book 2 in the Providence in Ecuador series won't disappoint as it bridges the United States and expat haven Ecuador with loads of suspense.
 Terror on The Bluff
Providence in Ecuador Book 3
The race for power and control explodes when US Attorney Colleen McAllister puts away a Memphis kingpin. Colleen goes from the front lines, to a kidnapped pawn, dragging her explosive-expert husband into a deadly game of cat and mouse. Turf wars, corruption, gang activity, and confusion fill the streets as everyone is drawn to the vacuum the arrest creates. 
Trent, Pierce, and Frankie fly to Memphis to help. Can they succeed in rescuing Colleen, her husband Court, and all of Memphis when bombs, murder, and poison are the weapons of choice? Can they untangle the web of influence and corruption when the stakes are so high? First place in Memphis only means you are still breathing.
Read Terror on the Bluff today, the third novel in the Providence in Ecuador series and discover who wins control of Memphis and who goes to Ecuador.


Friends in Foreign Places: An Expat Anthology
A traveler in a new land is struck by many abrupt changes: the landscape, the people, the language, and new foods---a world of change. Home, behind, is still at the edge of awareness. It's there, waiting. But when the traveler must settle down and make a home in a whole new country, life changes, as fundamentally as if catastrophe has struck. New friends become new family, and life continues. It is this story that is seldom told.
On April 16, 2016, catastrophe of magnitude struck Ecuador. Magnitude 7.8 to be exact. It struck small towns all along the northwestern coast, claimed 661 lives and left over 20,000 homeless. Seventy percent of the buildings in Canoa alone were destroyed, not only homes but the businesses that provide the population’s livelihood too.
Extending their family to encompass this disaster, authors from around the world have come together here to raise awareness and to raise money for the people of Ecuador, because this is what good authors do. They communicate. They communicate in words, in emotions, and above all, by telling stories. 
In Friends in Foreign Places: An Expat Anthology, thirty-five writers, most living as expatriates all over the world, share forty-five stories about expat friendships and being friends with expats in their own countries. Nonfiction combined with poetry, mystery, romance, suspense and even sci-fi share what the expat lifestyle can hold for you too. You will laugh, cry and gasp with surprise as we welcome you into our friendship experiences. Read how we found friends in the most unlikely ways: buried in earthquake rubble, a heroine aboard a speeding motorbike, a high heeled clad architect with plumbing skills and many more.
Amigos en Lugares Extranjeros: Friends in Foreign Place-Spanish Edition
Un viajero en una nueva tierra es golpeado por muchos cambios abruptos: el paisaje, la gente, el idioma y los nuevos alimentos—un mundo de cambio. El hogar detrás está todavía en el borde de la conciencia. Está ahí esperando. Pero cuando el viajero debe establecerse y hacer un hogar en un nuevo país la vida cambia tan radicalmente como si una catástrofe lo hubiera golpeado. Los nuevos amigos se convierten en familia y la vida continúa. Es esa historia que rara vez se cuenta.
El 16 de abril de 2016 una catástrofe de gran magnitud golpeó Ecuador, 7.8 en la escala de Richter para ser exactos. Ciudades pequeñas a lo largo de la costa noroeste fueron afectadas acabando con 661 vidas y dejando más de 20.000 personas sin hogar. El 70% de los edificios en Canoa fueron destruidos, no sólo los hogares sino también los negocios que proveían el sustento de la población.
Extendiendo apoyo a las familias para ayudar a los damnificados de este desastre, autores de todo el mundo se han reunido aquí para concientizar y recaudar fondos para el pueblo de Ecuador, porque esto es lo que hacen los buenos autores. Se comunican. Se comunican con palabras, emociones y sobre todo contando historias.
Amigos en Lugares Extraños: Una Antología de Expatriados es una colección de 35 escritores, la mayoría de los cuales viven como expatriados en todo el mundo, comparten 45 historias sobre sus propias experiencias y sobre las experiencias de amistades que también viven como expatriados. Historias de no-ficción combinadas con la poesía, el misterio, el romance, el suspenso y hasta de ciencia ficción también. Comparten lo que el estilo de vida de los expatriados puede ofrecerle a usted. Se reirá, llorará y te sorprenderás mientras le damos la bienvenida en nuestras experiencias de amistad. Lea sobre cómo encontramos amigos en las formas más improbables: un enterrado en los escombros del terremoto, una heroína a bordo de una motocicleta que anda en exceso de velocidad, un arquitecto vestido de tacones altos con habilidades de plomería y muchas historias más.
Seven Degrees of Wisdom: Welcome to Our Circle
Book 1

If you’ve ever wished you could sit down with a mother or grandmother – yours or someone else’s - and get their advice or input, here’s your chance to do that. 

We are seven women – mothers and/or grandmothers - ranging in age from early 20s to early 80s. Between us we have pretty much done and seen it all, burning some bits and gathering pearls along the way. Aging, Having a Voice, Wisdom, Courage, Love, Loss and Risk are the topics you will find within the pages of this book. From poetry to short story and prose, we share our experiences of some of the profound moments of life. Grab a cup of tea, a glass of wine, or mug of coffee. Get comfortable. You just may find the advice you’ve been seeking and even some you didn’t know you needed.
Seven Degrees of Wisdom: Digging Deeper
Book 2

Ever wish you could sit down with a group of women? Women who’ve lived through pretty much everything life throws our way? In Digging Deeper, thirteen women share their thoughts and experiences on their understanding of God, on happiness and gratitude, on death and dying, on grounding ourselves and what that means to us, on failure and victimhood. We dug deep, shared from our heart, bared ourselves to one another and now, to you.
Digging Deeper is a wonderful compilation of women’s wisdom. From heartache, to rejuvenation; from learning tough lessons to appreciating the small moments, these women share, counsel and agree together, that life is not for the faint of heart. Grab a copy, pour yourself a coffee, a tea, or glass of wine and dive in.


Psst! Your Wisdom's Showing

A book of contemporary poetry, written for women. Wisdom is born of time, experience, and relationships.




(Metaphysical, New Age, Fantasy)


Three Sisters: Mystic, Priestess, Wild Woman

A Mystic, a Priestess, and a Wild Woman sit down to dinner. What happens next? They are poets, the three, different and same. A book of poetry is discussed and a plan laid out. Cards are drawn and the project is blessed. The three sisters begin a process. Each one writes seven poems and shares with one of the others. That sister writes a poem inspired by the first and sends her set of poems on to the third.
What results are three sequences or trains of poetry each inspired by another. 

We hope you are as delighted as we were to see the end result. Poems about emotions, spirituality, relationships, wisdom, and nature. Join our sisterhood, maybe we will inspire you too. 



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