Author Assistant

    Having started writing without much income to pay for things like editing, book covers and formatting, but wanting a professional quality product, Scarlett began to learn how to DIY a few of those things. Then some of her friends started asking her to do theirs too. So, in 2016, she officially became an author's assistant. She mostly specialized in formatting books, learning from the incomparable Derek Murphy. And then she started making social media graphics, book trailers, placing AMS ads and so on.
   In December of 2017, she announced the formation of Signature Author Services. She added a partner to help with the work load and to bring in expertise she didn't have. 
     Scarlett and Ron are passionate about helping indie writers, and in the belief that it doesn't have to be expensive to produce a professional quality book. Now they offer services including social media management and many of the tasks and chores of being an indie author that most writers hate doing themselves. Check out their website for a list of services and prices. If you don't see what you need, message them through FB or email. If they can't do it, they probably know someone who can!
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